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In their words...

Here are some testimonials from our satisfied clients who were happy to share their feedback with us. We take pride in providing excellent service and are grateful for their kind words.

Pete Watson

Atlas Cloud - CEO

‘David has helped us simplify, standardise and speed up our execution process. I would highly recommend David to anyone that is building a company and needs solid systems and process to cope with the growth.’ 

Tom Howsam

Founder - Paid

‘Dave is a super guy to work with; he is passionate and loves to get involved - understanding a company’s business and how he can add value. He will revolutionise the way in which your business sells itself and really make you think about who you are and what you do. ’

Phil Lowery

Projector Brand Communications

‘Great marketing insight and an equally good ability at making the complex appear simple - which will definitely be an asset to any business. Very creative yet straight-talking and always generating innovative ways of working.’ 

Simon Scotchbroock

CEO - Unity

‘I have worked with a number of consultants over my years in business. Dave brought a different way of working in terms of knowledge transfer - rather than using our watch to tell us the time - he rolled his sleeves up and got stuck in as part of the team to make the change.’  

Adam Green

CTO - Sleepiest

‘I think his workshops were among the best I've been too. He is extremely knowledgeable and was great at offering both useful business advice, and general encouragement.’  

 Bianca Robinson

CEO and speaker

‘David has worked with me to help Calm develop efficient processes from the ground up; enabling us to win some sizeable business. He has helped me with my sales strategy, style, process and analysis so that I can win the right kind of business and concentrate on key markets.’ 

Stephen Armstrong

ex Director Cedrec

‘We now monitor, track and evaluate our sales and marketing efforts better than we ever have and have seen a real growth in sales based on strategies David helped us with.’ 

Emma Hignett

Voiceover Artist 

‘David was one of the most influential mentors on the DigitalCity Business Growth workshop ultimately giving me the confidence and the skills to get out there and tell people about my business. Listen to what he has to say and take it on board - you'll never regret it.’  

 Alex Redpath

Head Brewer 

‘Since beginning to work with David I have seen a massive personal development as well as progression within my business model, structure and ability to pitch both myself and my concept.‘ 

Elle Beadle

Clicksco Group

‘David is one of the most inspiring coaches that we have worked with as part of our internal senior entrepreneurial initiative. David not only motivated each of our members but he offered them focus, direction, and purpose.’ 

Daniel Kolodziej

Principal - Strategic Innovation

‘David has an immense and expert knowledge around every facet of professional sales techniques and strategy. David brings real value to any organisation and is sure to make an impact on the bottom line of any business he engages with.’  

John Hudson

COO - Hudson

‘In my opinion, Its pretty simple. If you want to succeed in business you need speak to David.’  

Helen Davies
Product Designer - Brainwave

‘David provides to the point constructive advice backed up with real life experience. His approach is energetic and inspiring - a meeting with him will both challenge and reward you in equal measures!’  

Mike Davis

Founder/CEO - My Probate Partner

‘David's engaging, energising and entertaining nature is unforgettable. His ability to uncover the relevant and pertinent components of the business proposition was incredible.’  

Justinas Lavaticus

CPO - transferGo

‘From day one David was delighted to help take our idea to market. His enthusiasm and good energy inspired me to keep working. David is not just a mentor to us, he’s a real friend.'
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