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The impact, the outcomes...

We specialise in providing comprehensive, tailored coaching programmes that deliver real results. With years of experience in the business growth industry, we have a proven track record of success with clients from all industries and backgrounds. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

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Allay Claims

We are proud of our ability to assist businesses with strategy execution, process mapping, and scaling support. We have helped companies like Allay move from small start-up, to industry leaders in their field, who processed thousands of PPI claims through an automated system we helped to design.


Nudge Education

From startups with a dream to established companies looking to expand, we provide bespoke support to help them achieve their goals. One of our most rewarding experiences is working with Nudge Education, as they grow to provide support to hundreds of children across the UK.

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Interim Sales Director Programme at DigitalCity Business

This programme was specifically designed to help companies with sales planning, delivery, and execution. By participating in the iSD, selected companies gained the necessary skills and awareness to sell independently and achieve sustained business growth. 



We are proud to have been strategic support for all the companies on every CivTech programme since Beta to 2020. Our close involvement with these companies on their journeys has allowed us to continue engaging with some of them to this day.



Generator’s Business Growth Pipeline

The Business Growth Pipeline was a unique service, designed to help SMEs in the North East achieve their full growth potential. Our tailored support helped businesses increase their turnover and expand their workforce, in line with the NELEP's goal of creating 'more and better jobs'. 


Newcastle and Gateshead Digital Technology Survey

We were appointed by Newcastle City and Gateshead Councils to help the digital sector thrive in the area. Our team, along with the councils and sector experts, worked towards defining individual strategies that will create the best conditions for the digital industry in the region.

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We helped transferGo, a leading fintech startup transform their business and become the first Eastern European unicorn valued at $1Bn. We kept the fires lit, giving the founders the confidence to keep pushing during their formative stage.



We had the privilege of working alongside the founder Sola Idowu, to commercialise his genius.  They have now realised a significant investment and contracts with global manufacturers to help them to design, test, and create cosmetic, personal care and pharmaceutical products.

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