The Concept

Engineered Beauty

We make brilliant, beautiful bikes. This our mission, our creed, our ethos. We want to make a long term business out of this because it’s what we love doing. And to do this we need to apply great care, effort and pride at every stage of the journey.

Our frames are robust, strong, brilliantly designed and fabulously performing. We may have a preference for Italian components, but we’ll never shy away from getting exactly the right piece.

We make them into wonderfully performing, fantastic looking machines. There’s an almost endless combinations of frames, wheels, groupsets and accessories possible. So we’ve narrowed them down to give you a set of brilliant configurations, so you can design your own very special bike.

The design is just the start. We then put everything together so they work as one fantastic whole. We only use designers, artists and mechanics we trust. And who trust us.

We do this with skill, precision and pride. Our designers and artists are as much technicians as they are artisans, and our technicians are as much artists as they are mechanics. Each one lavishes their experience, skills, knowledge and intuition on each and every bike. As if their lives depended on it. Which, in a way, they do. because it’s how we’re judged, and get to make more great bikes.

The end results show this, prove our approach, our ethos, time after time.

And that’s why as a Azionista, you can ride fast and true with a smile on your face.


Azione was born out of a love of racing bikes, Italy and beautiful style. The company’s founders being keen cyclists themselves have been immersed in road cycling – loving the bikes, the culture, and the competition. Having experienced many brands of bikes and ridden in many parts of Europe, they were driven by the thought of creating a bike company that epitomized the style of Italy, combined with the engineering capability of their homeland, Newcastle upon Tyne.

This blended with wide business experience and through use of modern communications and online trading methods, means that the reality of this vision is here today. More than a simple brand, Azione meets the needs of similarly minded people who love great bikes; style and uniqueness, and most of all who are driven by the experience of the camaraderie that cycling uniquely brings together. 

The vision

From the feedback and commitment shown to us so far, we know we are doing the right thing. The interest demonstrated from overseas customers, partners and generally interested parties are flattering. The excitement and positive feedback for the concept that is capturing imagination is helping us to define where we are going next.

Our clothing range will grow and develop, new bikes and components will be periodically introduced, methods of manufacture will be continually improved. Innovative custom built bikes with frames created from traditional materials will be coming next... 

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