Supported Rider Programme

We support racers as we know it helps both parties.  Sponsorship from a small manufacturer such as ourselves is very carefully considered.  Priority to us is prioritised by access to influence and the ability to leverage positive opinion, rather than racing prowess on its own.

Generally, we support selected individuals by providing a bike at our true cost price and also offering  a buy back option to keep refreshing equipment going forward.  We provide riding clothing and other promo stuff foc or at trade price.  We provide a branded, professional blog site to publicise results and news.  We provide media support at races and events etc. and will will drive the athletes talents and achievements through our own social networking and marketing efforts.  We will do what we can through our true commitment to grow to help the athlete, help us.  In return, we will to set out terms of support and promotion.  

To give you an example of how this works, we currently work with Patrick Cutmore - under 20 European triathlon champion, and Allie Park an Ironman athlete, who both work with us on this basis.  We are at the early stages of development together, but you can see where we are going at: Blog: Cutmore; Blog: Park

In addition to the benefits of support, exposure and being part of a (albeit small - but with great ambition) team, we also have a referral programme and supported riders can also make money out of successful introductions/sales.  Who better than the athlete in the limelight to get people to buy bikes!  referrals

So, thanks very much for your interest in Azione.   To understand if we can help each other, and before we can consider your interest further, could you let us know please:

How you discovered us

What are your impressions of our brand 

How you think we can add value to you

How you feel you can add value to us

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