Sizing Method

We determine frame and component sizing to ensure perfect fit by defining your anatomy with 6 body measurements.  We will compute the optimal geometry of your bike for the riding style required using specialized software tools using technology from our partners SizeMyBike.  We can also do this for you, please go to the following link. We will then send you your correct frame sizing.

Two bike fittings are typical: comfort and performance. The seat tube length and the top tube length enable us to select the right frame size.  The saddle height, saddle setback and crank length are tuned to optimise power and efficiency.  Stem height and stem length optimise comfort and aerodynamics.  

Bike Fitting

We also offer a bike fit and cleat fit service that has been extremely successful. We do not use a jig, nor a computer or try to force you on to a bike that is not for you, we work alongside you to find the perfect fit for your cycling to make sure you are safe, comfortable and efficient, whether that be riding to work or racing nationally, everyone has his or her own need.

We take into account the following considerations when setting a position, handling, power application and efficiency, minimising aerodynamic drag and also comfort:

  • Initial discussion of your cycling history, goals and positional problems
  • Adjustment of saddle height and set-back
  • Handlebar and stem position adjustment
  • Brake lever position assessment/adjustment
  • Cleat adjustment
  • Pre and Post adjustment measurements taken

These sessions take around 2 hours and are delivered by British Cycling trained cycle coach and bike fit specialist Jon Bateman who ensures that all Azione riders can get the very best out of their investment, while also putting smiles on faces with his meticulous and caring approach which delivers measurable performance results. 

Frame dimensions:

Questo II

Chiaro and Inverno


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