Ride Unique

It's hard to be unique in a crowded world. You may own an exclusive car, a wonderful watch, or a bespoke suit but in truth there will be thousands just like them. This is the way of the world and it holds for just about everything. It's almost impossible to call anything yours and yours alone.

But with Azione you can when you ride unique.

Our bikes are all pretty rare. We only produce limited numbers. That's how it is with small artisan makers. Rarer still that they're built and finished with great care, skill and precision. Rarer still that the configuration of frames, wheels, groupsets and accessories you can choose from are almost limitless. But when you choose ride unique you can ride a bike no-one else in the world will ever have.

A beautiful one-off. An individual masterpiece.

It could be the tiniest of flourishes, the smallest of moves away from a classic Azione design: your name, a personal motif, your list of climbs conquered. It could be the wildest paintjob: hallucinogens are good for us if they’re good for you. Or it could be somewhere in between. The possibilities are virtually endless, and as individual as you are.

We’ll help you bring your ride unique to life [and if you’re not sure what you want, we’ll work closely with you on that too]. Our designers are as passionate about what they do as our mechanics. And so are our painters: artists is a better word. Together, we’ll see your dream take shape, we’ll see it through to perfection. And when that’s done, your design will get retired. Forever. We’ll never use it again. That’s a promise.

So your bike is yours and yours alone, and always will be.  And no matter how crowded the world becomes, you ride unique.

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