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Azione 2 – Yorkshire 1

Yesterday I did my first sportive on the Questo II in the winds and driving rain of Yorkshire - The White Rose Classic 2015 (Long Route)114miles and just over 3000metres of climbing taking in Norwood Edge, Fleet Moss, Garsdale Head (aka The Coal Road), something horrid out of Settle and then Langbar. For the last 30miles the sun came out and thankfully a tail wind, but how did Azione Questo II perform? I changed the front pads to Swissstop Flash Pro ‘Black Prince’ and they really work well on Azione carbon rims. No issues down any of the big descents and the Garmin reported 57MPH down Fleet Moss in very wet conditions!!.. I was bricking it but the bike just wanted to fly. Not sure where CW tested this bike, but up all the big climbs and rapid descents of Yorkshire I had no problems, no flex, just rock solid control. The picture is from the long descent towards Airton after a screamer of a climb out of Settle. All I can say is Azione 2 – Yorkshire 1. An amazing event by Ilkley CC and the bike did us proud.

Allie completes Ironman Exmoor

Allie says: "Today I was reminded why I train and race. I had a huge grin on my face all the way around (well maybe not the last 2km of the run). I love pushing myself to the limit of real discomfort, that might make me sound strange to some but my Tri friends understand! On top of that, being out on a Bike course in the British country side in the hammering rain was amazing. Nature at is best!"

broke my PB by over three minutes

Hi Dave, Sorry for not being in touch recently about the bike sadly exams have taken over, but now or over (thank fully). Thought you’d like to know the Falce is brilliant, had it over a 13mile course and it broke my PB by over three minutes. It will be ridden in anger for the first time at the weekend at Fritton Lake Tri Challenge (three races over two days) so rather looking forward to seeing how it rides under pressure. The bike is great, handles brilliantly and I don’t seam to notice the wheels in a side wind all that much. I’ll let you know how we get on at Fritton. All the best, Joel.

Cycling Weekly Review Questo II

British brand Azione lent us its brand new Questo II. An aero inspired race machine designed with one thing in mind: speed Read more at:

Great lines, great colour scheme. Stunning.

We received some lovely commentary last night on Twitter about the new Questo II. Thank you John Orbea @Cyclopunk...

Aesthetically beautiful and rides like a dream

Aesthetically beautiful and rides like a dream. With its superb black matte finish and red highlights, I feel like a young David Hasselhoff taking ‘Kit’ out for a spin. Mr Shelby the paint job is next level! The stealthy design makes it look like it could put Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes to the sword. Maybe it could, as whether flying downhill feeling like your eyelids are trying to escape your face or eating up huge climbs for breakfast, this bike is fast! As well as that the Azione Chiaro is unlike any other bike that I have ridden before as i have never felt such precision and control when dominating terrafirma. All in all an excellent cycling experience for a bike that is worth every last penny that I spent on it.

Riding the Questo II

So this weekend I have had the privilege of riding the new Azione Questo. Well, what can I say, other than what an amazing bike. It responds so well and the handling is sublime, which shows the true potential of the unified Carbon frame. The Questo and it's components have been put together with such precision, it felt and looked solid over every bump, every turn. It generated many questions from people that were intrigued by a brand they have never heard of but were pleased they had... Well done to all that have been involved in producing such a beautiful bike. Craig

I love my bike..

So says Allie!

Dave is happy...

How's the bike Dave?: 'It gets better with every ride...'

Crash avoidance...

There’s a lot of talk about acceleration and handling at speed. But there’s something else that I reckon is more important, at least if you’re someone who’s cycling for the love of it. And that’s how well a bike stops, and how true it handles when it does. And today on my white Azione, I got the chance to find out. Green lights on crossroads with two good wide roads and clear views, going straight ahead. But there’s a white van man on the other side, waiting to turn right, suddenly realising he’s missed the jump on the lights and decides to make good. Then realises his mistake and stops… Dead across my lane. I’m doing maybe 30kph, 20 metres off. Nowhere to go to my left – it’s blocked. Right will take me straight into cars coming the other way. It’s brake or bust. Afterwards, I came to realise what I love about the bike. Under the hardest braking I’d ever done [trust me], with an enforced swerve that had the back wheel sliding, then corrected, on a bit of road that's not great, the bike handles true: no shimmy, no flex, no bend. It did everything it was told to. Nothing else. I stopped, front wheel no more than a half metre from the van’s side. It had Tescos emblazoned across the side. Big letters when you get close up. Thank god for all the detail in the bike. Like the big letters said… Every little helps. Maybe I should have said we stopped. Rider and bike. Bike perfect. Rider intact. Flat spotted the rear tyre mind.

Customer Service...

I would like to thank you again for Azione's after sale service in providing a complete replacement wheel for what was only a broken spring in the freehub assembly. After nearly a year since I purchased the wheel set, this was over and above what I expected and was very much appreciated. From shipping the wheel out, to returning the other at a convenient time and place, the whole issue was all sorted very quickly. I don't think I could have expected this personalised service from many other companies.

Chiaro arrives in Switzerland

Yes it arrived on Thursday, comparisons to a Christmas Day morning as a child are more than appropriate. I was buzzing!!! Everything was absolutely spot on... I'm a very happy man, thanks a lot to you and your team!!!

It climbs!!

Not only is the Questo fast as anything, but now it can climb aswell!!! Thanks to the new climbing wheels, a perfect allrounder!!

Aled's Questo

"I have ridden a few fast bikes in my time.....but wow this is something else"

Knife through butter...

Been out for the 1st time, 32 miles, it just cuts through the wind! Cannot believe the difference.

Who needs wind tunnels?

I've knocked 23 secs off my personal best... Paul Brownless on his new Falce TT.

John's New Questo II

"I have bought 3 new BMWs and the service provided by Azione has surpassed that by far." John is happy. So are we!

eBay testimonials

Thank you to all those who have bought from our eBay shop this year. Here are some of the comments received: super light, ceramic center, nice box Item arrived promptly as described Quality Second to None....beyond expectations ...BRILLIANT Item as described. Fast shipment. Thanks! Brilliant service, good quality item! Great price and very fast delivery!!! Fabulous comms. Many thanks great thanks WoW ! Excellent level of service and the package was well presented ! All perfect there! Great communication and super fast dispatch as well. Crazy product. Buy from this guy now A credit to eBay. First class in all aspects. Great helpful seller.Recommend A++ Cheers great ebayer a+++++

Mail order delight...

Hi there I received the Italia spacers this morning many thanks, I just want to say I'm absolutely delighted and blown away with the extra carbon spacers which I didn't expect for one moment! I actually bought separate spacers on same day elsewhere , but not to worry! Once again thay are fantastic, I'll send a pic of bike when all done feel free to use it to sell your bits... even from your typed letter and leaflet - brilliant I'm gob smacked, that's the sort of company I wished I worked for??? Keep up the good work....

The best bike I've ever come across!

Wow! After mounting it (as it were) it felt immediately very comfortable and at the same time had lateral stiffness just as good as any other high end brand. Her climbing abilities were fantastic, very responsive. It was as if it really was longing for a long climb. Can't wait to take it to the homeland some day to taste the good stuff.. If one should care to compare it to other brands, it felt as comfortable as the Specialized Roubaix cruiser and as stiff and fast as the ultimate racing frame the Bianchi Oltre. In short, the best bike I've ever come across! Thanks!

Exceeded my expectations

When the lift opened, Simon's jaw dropped when he saw his long awaited Chiaro, and when asked if he liked it, replied "It has exceeded my expectations!"

Its fast!

First impressions, fast, very fast! Quick spin last night. Shame I'm away for a week now! Mark

Ben says...

Just wanted you to know that the new bike is rolling along very nicely – inaugural ride last Friday and another outing on Sunday (50 miles/ 5000ft accumulative). Fit and performance are fantastic – I will send you a pic or two when the weather is more clement. Along the relative “Dales flat” it would appear to provide an extra 3 MPH average and on the hills … at first I was a little worried that the ratio was a bit tough for the two 25%ers I tackled but in fact because of the incredible lightness and power transfer I was able to get to the top considerably faster than normal; so same effort level but just faster… hills are hills after all! It is responsive, light yet “sure-footed” and seems to be completely silent. All in all a great choice am very pleased.

Patrick Says...

A massive thank you to Azione Carbon Cycles for sponsoring me this speed machine! An absolutely fantastic bike, its as fast as it looks!

Nick says...

"I'll just pop out for an hour or so"... Those we the words I left with, and I intended to keep them. I'd had 4 hours out on the mountain bike the day before so a gentle spin would be more than enough. Then I spun past David's garage. "Look at he rolls out a brand new Azione Chiaro....wearing Shimano pedals???want a shot??? Yes and hell yes. The hour seemed to turn into 2. It happened very easily. The bike demands it. It is an absolute grin fest. I smiled from the first turn of the pedal to the last. In fact I'm still smiling now. It is shod with some major bling. A full carbon frame and forks, carbon wheel set and top of the range Super Record gruppo The paint job is immaculate and incredibly distinctive. It looks fantastic. But it is the ride that takes the breath away. It handles superbly, it inspires confidence around the bends and it just flies; acceleration is instant. So it begs a few questions....(1) Am I fit enough to do it justice? No. (2)is a machine like this wasted on just an ok rider? Possibly..(3)but would I buy one? Hell yes! Why? Because its the muts nuts.

Love at first and second sight!

Fell in love with your bikes at the scottish bike show! Fraser Forbes

Mark's new bike

Having taken possession of his new Chiaro the result was: 12 PBs and 2 top 3 segments. "Kudos should go to the new bike: an Azione. The first few 'thirds' as I took it real easy, getting used to it... then... bang!" Mark explains: So I’m out on the bike for only my second run – family things got in the way this past month. Frustrating! And after a month I wondered whether the bike was going to be really as good as I’d recalled [the guys at Azione got me just after my first run and stuck me in front of a camera, so it'll be on the site somewhere]. Again, I decided to do a simple 20 miler up and down the hills in Northumbria, along its narrow and often unpredictable country roads. And I thought I’d take it at a nice, quiet, exploratory pace, the better to get used to the machine. Well, that lasted all of a quarter of an hour. I just couldn’t resist. It’s a bike that just begs you to go for it. And yes, it’s as quick, as responsive, as fine-tuned, and as forgiving as I’d remembered. In bucket loads… I’m not the fastest rider in the world – not by a long stretch. I’m in my 50s, have biked on and off throughout my life and recently got back into it after a hip replacement: I don't ride to get KOM on Strava, but because [1] I love it, and [2] it keeps me really fit. But this bike just makes me want to fly: even the slightest increase in the pressure, the slightest increase in cadence is rewarded with a surge of pace; it corners like a dream and stops on a sixpence. I’m going faster on the straight, up the hills, down the slopes and round the corners, and it takes the aforementioned bumpy roads really, really well. Like I said, I’m not riding for competition, but I do use Strava to keep track of how I do, of my progress: and when I’d finished today, all the sections after that first careful, sedentary quarter of an hour lit up ‘PB’ – and on a sunny day with no helping wind. In fact, no wind at all. which for those of you who know Northumbria is pretty special. But the best ‘PB’ was the grin on my face. When I was in my 20s I had one of the first Peugeot 205 GTIs. It was a fantastic bit of kit, a ton of fun, and after five years of thrills I’d definitely found my limits as a driver, but I never did find the limits of that little black car. I’m certain in time my feelings about this little black bike of mine are going to be exactly the same. I can’t wait!

Questo Rosso testimonial

"Really impressed with the bike. Super ride - very comfy and quick." Les Thompson about the Questo Rosso

Love the brand

Really love the brand, bikes and approach you guys have taken... Mikey Parker

We love Azione!

We love the bikes and we loved your enthusiasm :-) VCDL Cycling Podcast (@VeloClubDL)

Peter rates the Questo

Go try out a Questo and realise what strong, stiff & responsive actually is on a bike. Peter Jacques

Cycle Repair Shed like us!

You need to have a look at @AzioneCC if your after a new bike these boys have some seriously nice rides... Cycle Repair Shed (@CycleRepairShed)

A Match for Cervelo R3

“First real ride on the Questo. A match for my Cervelo R3. Truly impressive” – Dave Sutton, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Why Aren't All Bikes Like This?

Actually, every time I see an Azione Cycle, it makes me wonder why all bikes aren’t like it. Mark Elliott, North East England.


"As everyone knows, road cycling is 20% ability and 80% aesthetics, I'm already twice the cyclist I was this time yesterday!" Thanks to Dave from Saddle Skedaddle for this!

So Light It's Hardly There

“Thanks for the test ride today – marvellous machine, so light it feels like it’s hardly there!” - Sean Robson, Newcastle

Awesome Wheels

“My wheels are awesome! I’m a very happy cyclist! Thanks again!”, Julian Warren, Manchester, UK

Costa Blanca Road Trip

Hosted by our partners Ciclo Costa Blanca on the beautiful Costa Blanca, we tested our Questo in the hills around Denia. The bike performed brilliantly in all aspects...

Straight Out the Door

“Our first Azione bike arrived yesterday. Really really nice, campag grupo and integrated seat post... Today it went straight out the door ! Sold to Mads of Norway! We never even got the chance to ride or hire it” Terry Kerr, Ciclo, Cosa Blanca Espana.

Fell in Love With Azione

“Interested in Azione isn’t the word! More like ‘fell in love with!’ ” - Stefan Urban, Manchester

Home-boy Joe Durkin tests Questo

“Azione is a rival for the big boys. I've ridden a Trek Madone for 5 years, thousands of miles. But the Questo afforded me possibly the most enthralling 70 miles in a while. Fast, responsive and very light, while still being a planted ride. Well done.”

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