Inverno - Hand made steel bike


"Inverno (in'v'rno) - Winter The Inverno is named after its creator - Kevin Winter (Inverno being the name for Winter in Italian). Made entirely in the North-East of England the frame is engineered from steel to modern geometry and tube shapes and finished to the highest pedigree. This is a steel frame which would look in place in any Ritzy location around the World... The frame is built as standard for disc brake fitment - in line with current trends. The beautiful polished stainless steel dropouts designed and manufactured by Azione, are elegant but strong and look absolutely at home on a road bike. The fork is a Deda disc fork with an internally routed brake cable and integrated bearings matching the elegant design of the frame. The polished stainless steel water bottle cage bosses look sublime and match perfectly the polished headstock badge. Frame builder Kevin is a master craftsman, having built frames in the North of England for over 20 years. We are proud of our involvement together which has enabled us to bring the opportunity for customers to own one of these beautiful and unique bike. These frames are finished to each clients own specification and of course size and geometry requirements."