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Azione supply built to order, customer specific bikes.  While we sell directly, we also actively work with partners who help leverage our brand and provide them the benefit of an additional revenue stream – without major investment or commitment.  We therefore want to develop partnerships with relevant cycle professionals including specialist race bike retailers, tour/guiding companies and clothing and lifestyle brands etc.

We are looking for partners to assist with the promotion of our brand through (options of) direct display, shared usage, testimony, online presence etc.  We provide support through a combination of online activities – web links and content, social network activity, SEO focus, direct e-mail, as well as identifying offline customer facing opportunities including exhibitions, test ride days etc.  For cycle service providers, tour companies etc., we can provide ride assist programmes to support the use of our products on location.

We can provide point of sale support to assist with product placement, including the provision of a demonstration bike with display stand, accesories and apparel, point-of-sale materials, and display  lighting.  We present our components in a similar unique and attractive way.  Our unique partnership makes no prohibitive stocking demands, as is typically demanded in the industry, often leaving retailers with  unsold stock and tied-up capital.

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To help spread the word as a partner or advocate, we will reward those who evangelise Azione.  Simply let us know of anyone who is interested in what we do - if they buy from us, we will pay a commission.  Give us an introduction and we will do the work!

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